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Join now to buy our Fantastic Language Game package "Island 1" for only £9.99!

You saw our free trial "Seaside" game - that was just one game. We are pleased to offer you our game package "Island 1", with 4 games!

Three of the new games are drag & drop games in the same style as the Seaside game, but with new fun themes: "Park", "Food", "Zoo Animals" and also a numbers counting game.

Children love this set of games. Buy the complete set of four games now!

Our family accounts allow up to three children to have their own scores and accounts.

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Nurseries, child minders, language tutors or other agents can use join as "schools/agents". You can use our French Learning Programme in two ways!

Play Now Option (up to 50 children)

Nurseries and agents can also add the Play Now Option if they wish to use our games in their own nurseries and clubs. This is available for only £49.99. This option also allows you to invite parents if you wish.

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Accredited agents (nurseries and child-minders etc) can invite parents to join and offer them a discount when they sign up.

This will help you meet the Home Learning requirement of the EYFS, and will help the children learn French.

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